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Sur Alpesgourmet épicerie fine en ligne, découvrez les produits du terroir des Alpes, des produits régionaux, des produits de Savoie. Commandez nos coffrets liqueur Chartreuse, coffret gourmand. Composer votre plateau de fromage des Alpes, Reblochon, Beaufort, Abondance, Chevrotin et St marcellin. Déguster entre amis Saucissons, jambon de Savoie, Jambon fumé, pâté de campagne. Choisissez votre spiritueux parmi la gamme, Chartreuse verte, Chartreuse Jaune, Chartreuse VEP, génépi.


People around the world consume a lot of dairy products, ranging from milk to cheese. According to Canadian Dairy Information Center, European countries consume more cheese compared to other neighboring countries. France, specifically, eats 26.3 % of cheese. That is the highest percentage around the globe. However, the importance of dairy products among all countries can't be overstated.

Knowing this fact, it is essential to monitor the production of dairy products carefully. But, how can you do that? What should one do to produce the best cheese in town?

When you decide to run a dairy farm, commitment is of utmost importance. You can't manage it half-heartedly. Aside from keeping the farmland fruitful, keeping the animals, including the cows, healthy should also be prioritized.

Here are few tips you could put to use in order to provide the best care to your dairy farm.


When dairy animals are healthy, you can expect a good production of milk, cheese and butter. Providing the best place means to provide a greener pasture for your farm animals. Having the best ZTR mower to mow the lawn around ensures a good place for cows to graze. However, overgrazing can result to weed growth and dust, so make sure to stick to Grazing Golden Rule, which is to keep grass at least 3 inches tall.


Undeniably, giving your animals the right kinds of food results to good produce. Feed your farm dairy animals with food that is approved by nutritionists. Most farmers feed their cows grass or hay and the leaves from corn. Farmers also feed them grains, which is one-quarter of the cow's daily food.

Furthermore, give your farm animals the medical attention they need. Allow a veterinarian to visit the place every once in awhile.


To keep things flowing smoothly and perfectly in your farm, you should ensure that all equipments and areas are properly maintained. This is to avoid problems that will hinder the growth of your animals and the development of your farm. You need to give extra care to your devices, especially the milking equipment.

In order to have the best dairy farm, you must have the time and the commitment to do everything that should be done. Farm animals are very important members of the farm. Make sure that you attend to all their needs.


Who does not want that juicy, grilled meat for a meal? Whether it is just an ordinary day, or a very important one, a barbecue is as good a choice as any. It is, however, the perfect food for a stargazing night, camping, an after-game celebration, or a casual hang-out with friends and family.

Nobody knows for sure how old this roasted food is. However, one thing is for sure-- it is still an all-time favorite of people around the world. Here at Alpes Gourmet, we will be serving you few of the best French meat for barbecue. Feel the French taste as you discover the special barbecue meat for any occasion.


Jambon is a French cured low-fat ham that is wrapped in its own skin and cooked in its own juice. For French people, Jambon is a perfect meat to smoke and your top of the line propane smoker which offers a refreshing taste of pork.


French people are willing to die just to have a taste of this chicken barbecue at home. Whole hen is one of the best meats for smoking. What's more is that it is affordable. A whole chicken barbecue is a good idea, but you can also cut it quarterly if you want.


We love sausages on our grills, too. There are a lot of sausages to enjoy on a barbecue party, but Andouilette is one of the best out there. Andouilette is a French barbecue made of pork and other seasonings. It can be enjoyed cold, but it is famous as grilled or pan fried.


Frenchmen love pork butt and they would always go for a Boston butt. The shoulder part contains the fatty part that is the happiness of most French barbecue lovers. Since it is fatty, it might take longer time to grill the meat. But the wait is always worth-it.


This all-time favorite barbecue meat never fails to make your mouth water. Considered as the king of smoked meat, brisket is one of the best meats for barbecue for most Frenchmen. Not only is it delicious, it is also affordable. But if you want a luxurious one, you can try the prime rib.

One does not need a reason for a barbecue party. You can always enjoy the heavenly taste of grilled meat any time. When looking for a meat to devour, consider these meats famous among Frenchmen.


Cheese is one of the most nutritious foods our body needs. As a matter of fact, it provides us calcium, protein, and Vitamin A.

When talking about cheese, it is impossible to exclude the French cheese. France consumes more cheese compared to its neighboring countries. Moreover, France can offer a variety of cheeses, each is unique in its own way. Here are few of the best French cheeses that would be a perfect pair for laying back in the reliable recliner and watch a movie.


Made from cow's milk, Langres originated in Champagne Ardenne, France. This orange-colored cheese is crumbly and firm. It will melt in your mouth. It may be stinky, but you will totally forget its smell once you taste its creamy and soft central pate. Langres is a perfect addition to your bread and wine during a romantic movie date.


Looking for a cheese with a character? France is proud to offer to you a cheese that guarantees a high quality (A.O.C)-- Banon. Covered in leaves, Banon is made of goat's milk that has a sweet and strong taste. What makes this cheese unique is its leaf wrapper soaked in French Brandy. That is enough reason to try this one while relaxing.


Another high-quality cheese to eat that you can enjoy on a movie night, Camembert de Normandie is from unpasteurized cow's milk and characterized by its soft and uncooked rind cheeses. Its flavor is sweet and nutty when ripened at its best. One of the reasons you should try this is that Camembert de Normandie is one of the few true Camembert in France.


Brie, a cheese made of cow's milk, originates from Brie, France. Brie is a little city in France which is referred as the King of Cheese. Brie itself has an interesting history which made it popular. Before Louis XVI made his last breath, he asked to eat his favorite cheese - a piece of Brie. Brie has a soft and creamy texture that will make you understand why King Louis XVI loved it.


One of the world's greatest cheese, Comte is a staple food that needs to be present in your kitchen. It is made from cow's milk and offers a nutty and creamy flavor perfect for an afternoon snack. Another good reason to buy it? It is long-lasting and can be saved for the next occasion.

Understanding Gourmet Cooking

The term "gourmet cooking" is often associated with complex food and drink presentations. Many people refer to it as haute cuisine. It requires extra effort to create and generally uses top-quality components. It also sometimes needs professional kitchen appliances like solar ovens.

Understanding gourmet cooking may seem to be an unattainable ambition for ordinary people. Signing up for a gourmet cooking class is an option, but it will cost you a lot of money. Thus, we will briefly explain what gourmet cooking is and some gourmet skills that you may use to improve your daily cooking techniques.

What is Gourmet Cooking?

There is no exact definition for gourmet cooking. Some people consider gourmet cooking as a form of culinary art. It has developed over time to incorporate natural, healthy, multicultural, and socially conscious food as well. Of course, it is completely up to the chef to incorporate these elements into gourmet cookery.

The use of high-quality and sometimes uncommon ingredients is a defining feature of many types of gourmet cookery. Morel mushrooms are an example of an uncommon ingredient. As a result, a recipe using such an item is often extremely pricey.

Gourmet cuisine, however, does not always mean costly, exotic, or unusual food. Gourmet cuisine really means utilizing the freshest, cleanest, and highest-quality ingredients available. More significantly, the food's appearance should be as appealing to the sight as it does to the flavor buds.

Gourmet meals are normally made in an aesthetic way, providing customers with a culinary wonder. For example, there may be towering pyramids of delicate items, adding a new depth to the dining experience. It may also be used to create unique combinations of spices and herbs.

Additionally, gourmet restaurants might provide food that stimulates the tongue or gives a unique take on a conventional dish. However, nowadays, 56% of Americans are doing more in cooking due to the pandemic which is why the number of those who want to replicate gourmet dishes at home has also increased.

Easy Gourmet Tips for Everyday Cooking

Learning basic gourmet cooking techniques can greatly liven up your everyday cooking. The following tips are straightforward and easy to master, even for inexperienced cooks. So, let's get started with some simple gourmet techniques for everyday cooking.

Use Better Quality Ingredients

Improving the overall quality of the raw materials is the simplest and fastest approach to include gourmet cuisine into your daily routine. Some components will be more pricey in their fresh and unprocessed form than in their canned version. However, you'll quickly see that the price difference is not without reason.

A gourmet cook will never use dehydrated or bottled ingredients. Instead, they only use fresh herbs from the grocery section at the local supermarket. This is why one of the best methods to learn gourmet cuisine is to start with common spices.

Add Some Garnish to Your Dish

Adding a garnish is another simple method to make a dish appear more gourmet and intriguing. Keep microgreens in your kitchen, and you'll have them ready at your fingertips while serving up dinner. Simply trim them and sprinkle them on top of the dish.

Another easy way to garnish is using the bottled sauce. When you use a squeeze bottle for sauces, you can drop and dot the sauce around your dish to make it fancy. Keep in mind that the sauce must have a specific consistency, so place it in the fridge right before presenting.

Gradually Improve Your Cooking Techniques

You must at least master the fundamental cooking skills like cutting, chopping, and sautéing an onion. Once you've mastered those techniques, you may learn how to cook each ingredient properly. If you are unsure about how to handle a particular item, don't be afraid to check it up on the internet.

Invest in Quality Tools

Good kitchen equipment and appliances are really not affordable, but owning a decent set of knives is a good starting point. Decide what you cook the most and buy only the equipment you'll require for those recipes. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, you can consider solar ovens since they provide you all the benefits of conventional ovens while being environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all you need to master the basics of gourmet cuisine are the right ingredients, skills, and equipment. Nothing can keep you from becoming a gourmet cook at home.